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Her Majesty's Government

When describing the rulers of the UK I insist on using the phrase "Her Majesty's Government". This is not because I think The Queen directly governs our country; it's my way of trying to point out that the people who we elect to do that job clearly don't either.

Her Majesty's Government is in charge and by that I am referring to the civil servants, the intelligence agencies and the 'power families', one of the most important of which The Queen belongs to.

It's my way of reminding you, dear reader, that there is a Government within our Government, a secret state, hidden in plain view in the UK. Once you understand that you can start to understand why politicians seem to have no power. It also explains why they rarely seem to do what they said they were going to before they entered "Her Majesty's Government". In the main most politicians seem to me to have about as much power as the public relations department of a major corporation.


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