A big day in the history of the internet

Today I've spent time with James Piekos who used to present the overnight show on Hallam FM but now works on Viking FM in Hull. We talked exclusively about radio. That was it. That's all me and James ever really talk about unless we're drunk. He's one of my favourite dinner dates. Not in a gay way. I'm not gay. Nor is he. Both of us are not gay. We don't mind gay people. Some of our best friends are gays. Just not us.

On my show I cried when I listened to an Oasis song, "Live Forever". The song faded out and it was time to talk. I was a bit embarrased to admit my tears to the audience but it makes me feel good to know that I've now cried on air. It was really late at night so I imagine only a few factory workers in Worksop know about me staining the studio with salty fluids during the show. But even so it's nice to think that I did. And it's nice to know that they know too. I wonder if it's possible to post audio on this thing? Probably not.

The sad news is that Steve Strange my producer is leaving at the end of the week. This means the show may be about to enter a new stage - we've been through a total of three stages so far. However, Steve's got a great new job so it's nice to see my little protoge moving on in life.

Finally of course, I've spent the last couple of hours farting about making this thing ... I am excited.

I've created an online diary which I'm sure at some point, people, will read. I'd expect easily a handful of people will read this at least once. Brilliant!

I used to write one of these years ago on the old website at work. It was quite good but some genius decided it'd be a good idea to delete it. I threw a hissy fit and quit writing for them for ages. Then I relented because I simply couldn't bare not to pump the bowels of my mind clean on a regular basis. Then they deleted it again just prior to a website re-launch which didn't include any 'blogs at all. Ruined.

So now I've moved to here. The blogger.com website where I'm just another div writing about his life, for the fun of it. Not for money. Actually that makes it seem somehow purer and more exciting.

And if I ever left or got sacked from Hallam FM, this 'blog will still continue as a living testament to whatever it is that drives me to communicate inane nonsense to the rest of the world.

Actually, I've been recently inspired by a really very good 'blog on the following website: www.richardherring.com

He's formerly of the comedy duo Lee and Herring. Who were famous because they did some things on telly. His blog is really good and very addictive. The irony of Lee and Herring is that both of them are now producing far superior work to the stuff they did when on TV. Yet they both seem to maintain that they can't get proper TV work as a double act? The TV commisioners of this world are stupid. That's surely not news to you if you've come to this blog via my radio show? It's not news to me either. Great. This blog is really cooking! Why not tell your friends about it and come back and visit tomorrow for more of my exciting adventures?


Today my athlete's foot is looking widespread but flakey, just how I like it. I am using steroid cream on it. It's providing a good fun itch but is a bit tender.


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