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I'm reading through my old 2000AD comics at the moment. There's a big long series called Leatherjack which I'm scanning through. It's very well written and the artwork is nicely subtle in places. People often think I'm joking when I say I'm a fan of comic books. Either that or they think "comic" as in comedic. There's nothing funny about Leatherjack though, oh no! He's a tough no nonsense assasin from the future! Not funny "ha ha" anyway, funny peculiar perhaps. But there's no way you'd say that to his face if he was bearing down on you. Or indeed, if he were real. Which of course he is not... and I accept that, now.

I've been in two minds all day as to whether or not I should announce my little weblog to the people that listen to my late night talkshow. The reason for this is that I'm not sure that everyone who listens to it fully understands the show. Today, like most days, I've had another phone call from my boss telling me that someone's complained about the show. I'm utterly bored of that mentality. The complainer's, not my boss. I can't really tell you what the complaint was about because each of them has to be forwarded to a government body which then decides if what I said was against the law. It'd be silly to chip off about it here. But the thing that does me is why do these people listen? I used to think people in radio made up complaints to make themself look tough and hard. I honestly don't think anything I do on my radio show is 'shocking' or 'controversial' and it always depresses me when other people do.

So, in the event that I do announce it on my show and anyone bothers to look at it, hello. Don't start complaining about things that aren't actually doing any harm.

Now, I'm off to look at some of the other 'blogs done by people in Sheffield. How great is that? You can click on the thing that says Sheffield and it takes you off to see other people's 'blogs!


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