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Twiddly diddly dee

'The Insider' by Albert Camel

Media UK gets fun again

I'm so worried I might be mad, it's sending me mad.

Even if you haven't had a shower. (Sunday)

No, it's massive actually. (Saturday)

I invented the media you little spud (Friday)

Yukka the Clown's Pocket

Pure dribbly nonsense

Incitement to an invective

Slow drip drip of syrup

Somethings in my trap door doctor (Sunday)

Jingle bells don't peel my bell (Saturday)

Flavour Flavian (Friday)*

Kumble your bits into the hat




(Sunday) Thus spake Rover the Raver

(Saturday) Yogo wacker

(Friday) Humpalumpadumpertydee


Robsten Heyter is your leader

Joanne and John and Jonah

Tundra in the tent

Humble start to life on the road (Sunday)

Yabba dabba don't! (Saturday)

Scumbags of the world unite, you have nothing to loose but your bags. (Friday)

Trotter's War