Flavour Flavian (Friday)*

So, we've done the last official 'phone-in' show. I thought it was due to be on Sunday but actually I was wrong, the last one was Thursday. No topic night. From now on it'll be me playing songs and talking inbetween**. In theory it'll become a better show but at first it'll be different and that will mean people won't initially like it.

The reasons we're not doing a phone-in anymore are more than many. Firstly I was tired of doing it. I want to move forward and do something different. I'd like to be in a position where if people want to call in and talk to me they can but if they don't, it doesn't matter. There will in the long term be more ways of getting involved with the new show than there ever was with the phone-in.

Secondly you've got two and a half years worth of old shows there which you can look back on and listen to as and when you wish. I often warned people to tape the show. If you're one of the few that didn't get a few copies onto disc I guess that's no use to you but seriously, it was an obviously good show why didn't you tape a few? I'd rather do something new now while the phone-in was still good than keep at it and bugger it up. There were only four genuinely bad phone in shows once Ben The Producer got on board. The rest of them were all of some merit.

Thirdly, the laws of the land are looking very dangerous as concerns the sort of show I was doing. There's a sense of genuine confusion these days as to what people can and can't say. That's not the main factor but it's certainly a part of it.

I feel a bit guilty about quitting the phone-in format. I feel bad if you really liked that way of doing things and then go on to hate the new show we're going to do. If you do, don't decide until you've heard at least a few months of it. The phone-in is the most successful thing I've ever worked on, I'm sure it's not a format I'll never return to but for the moment it's not the right thing for me to be doing.

Out with the old, in with the new.


*Bloody date marker at the bottom is totally wrong. The last entry was Thursday!

**This undersells it a bit but in truth I want expectations to be on the floor for the new show, that way no one will be dissapointed.


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