(Friday) Humpalumpadumpertydee

So I spent most of Thursday night - Friday morning messing about on the internet. One thing I wasted a good few hours on was adding a hit counter to this page. Once it was there I could see the number of people who were logging on, where they were from, what their IP address was and so forth. I was quite pleased with myself once I'd installed it. I'm not as thick as you'd imagine, given my proffesion.

Anyway once it was up I realised that not only could I look at all these details but so could everyone else. This means anyone could check out the IP address of anyone who logged onto this site. It was a confusing realisation. On the one hand it'd look cool because judging by the ammount of email traffic I'm getting there's already a few people who look at this site on a fairly regular basis. On the other hand I was worried. IP addresses are the sort of thing that hackers use aren't they? It also worried me that there was some sort of pay off for thje hit counter software. It involved an advert deal or something?

I stared blankly at the screen. It really made me question why I was doing this weblog. Did I need to know the number of people who were looking at this site? Did I require the ego massage? Was it right to exploit the people who looked at it by ruining things with adverts? They're a fact of life on the radio show but did I really need to put them up here?

The last thing an egomaniac needs to be confronted with is the blatant truth of their own ego. And here I was gazing at it: a device on my site which could exploit and expose bored readers of this little daft thing that's here for no real reason. Bugger! I removed it after five minutes. During that time we had a visitor from Manchester. I've got his/her IP address if they want it back?


Athlete's foot looks okay but the itch is returning. I think I'm going to give in to girlfriend pressure and go get the damn thing sorted. It'll involve a Doctor's appointement. This involves effort. Already the chances of my infection's survival looks optimistic.


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