I can't pretend I'm not excited that my hit rate has more than trebled in the past few days. Nor can I reasonably pretend that this is because of an unexpected 'word of mouth' campaign as excited readers spread the word about the sheer quality of this 'blog. It's plugs, pure and simple. Plugs on my radio show. It's cheating. I should be ashamed. I am ashamed. I will stop plugging it on my radio show. This thing is here for fun, nothing else.

Ahem, apart from the very practical purpose of providing me with a platform where I can explain to people why I've been sacked by Hallam FM*.

But it's nice to know I've had visitors who have read this little part of the internet. I can't deny that. I'd be a bit odd if this was being published entirely for my own amusement. Or would I? Perhaps not. Everything you say and do is ultimately for your own benefit. Or is it? Can you do something that is entirely for other people?

I think if you can some people might argue that this website is an example of one of those things. Might is the key word. They'd argue it with a might that is given to someone who has a clear moral authority on their side! The mighty moral crusader who wants to take up that challenge can perhaps call my show and mention their quest on the radio. They could even plug this site, again, and we can watch the hit counter go up by 100, again. How exciting. For you. Because this is a website which is clearly for your benefit. Not mine.


My athlete's foot is literally pouring skin off it. Moist dense skin. It's like I'm sweating skin? If you're a doctor perhaps you can save me the bother of an apointment and email me a solution?

*This is not true. It's a joke. Hallam FM love my work. I love Hallam FM. Not in a gay way. I'm not gay. There was some confusion over this the last time we covered it on the 'blog. I just want to sent the record straight, like me. I'm straight, as opposed to gay, something which I am not. Nor is Hallam FM. Nor are we anti-gay. There is no suggestion of that either. In fact there are gay people who listen to Hallam FM. And me. They listen to me I mean, I don't mean I'm a gay person who listens to Hallam FM. I mean there are gay people who enjoy the feel of me in their ear hole. The feeling is mutual. I enjoy being in there. It's warm and comfortable and feels very natural.


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