Humble start to life on the road (Sunday)

I really like reading comic books. I read a weekly comic book called 2000AD. It's great. It irritates me that some people think these things are for kids. In my view it's only like going to see a 15 rated film. Nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find a big budget 18 rated film actually, they prefer a 15 certificate because it ups ticket sales. So there! Anyway, I'm reading my 15 rated film, on the train, getting mocking looks from people. At least I think I was. It's hard to tell.

I've never understood why people think a whole medium such as comic books should be exclusively for teenagers. There's a poncy name for comic books actually - 'sequential art'. I'm reading 'sequential art' you little turd! It's ART and it relies on a SEQUENCE. It's been around for years actually. It's the first ever form of story telling and it's for people who're clever and sophisticated. Granted, some of the storylines do pander to the idiot in you but the same can surely be said of "X-f**king-Factor" can it not?

In fact this gets right to the nub of the matter for me. I'm childish for reading concise well written satire in the form of 'sequential art' classics like Judge Dredd and Leatherjack whereas the morons who lap up Simon Cowell's piss poor panto aren't? Great. A five year old can understand a football match but no-one ever suggests football is childish. Apart from me, just then. I heard a little kid in a pram gurgle the words "Chico Time" to it's mother's delight while I was waiting in Preston train station last month. Does that mean you've got the brain of an infant if you too watch X Factor. Yes. Yes, it does. But conversely the fact teenagers read 2000AD does not in any way subtract from the fact that comic books are not just for kids.

Here's a link to a good locally produced comic book:

I'm currently trying to meet up with the bloke who writes it actually. My plan is to hoist a load of scripts I've written on him.


My athlete's foot actually looks like it's cleared up considerably. This is down to me only using steroid creme on it. I was told to combine this with athlete's foot powder but that just seems to perpetuate the nonsense. One consequence of the steroid creme is it makes your skin really tough and leathery, perfect for extreme scratching!


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