I invented the media you little spud (Friday)

You know when you have fiddly day? The day where you stub your toe on the door when you wake up in the morning. Then you knock over a cup of tea as you're having breakfast. A whole day of mild and messy minor mishaps. It's like chinese water torture though. These little accidents all add up and can put you in a foul mood. It was one of those days for me yesterday.

The only thing I didn't knock over and ruin was the scrabble board that we were using. Me and my girlfriend and two of her mates. Playing scrabble. That's right, scrabble. Game of the nerds. You have to be a pretty dull person to like scrabble. Or indeed to be any good at it. I'm cool so I was rubbish and got beaten. Ruined. It annoys me in retrospect that my fiddly day didn't in some way ruin scrabble before I was losing but in fairness I was losing from the word go. There's no winners in a game like scrabble.

There were no really silly words used either. They all made sense. However I toyed with the idea of what would happen if I put "wobs" on the board. It wasn't possible because the right letters didn't arise but it would have been nice to look the word up and find out what it means. It's a word that keeps appearing on my text messages that I'm sending out in place of Xmas cards*. It says Happy Wobs from Nick. Bloody predictive texts.


*Notice my hypocrisy here? I moan about mobile phones ruining things and then take mine and use it to piss all over a Xmas tradition! The fact I've pointed this out myself means it's not a valid criticism of me anymore. It's not hypocrisy it's irony. Ha!


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