'The Insider' by Albert Camel

I spent seven hours, seven f#cking hours, on Civilisation III today. I'm not even enjoying the game anymore. Seven hours of my life pissed away. Silly, stupid and inexcusable. I really need to get a grip and put my spare time to better use. This should be one of my new year's resolutions.

Believe it or not I try to take this particular custom seriously and at the start of each year I take aim and fire at a particular ambition. I've been doing so for the past three or four years. One of them is to lose weight. Another is to waste less time. I was getting quite good at this towards the end of this year but frankly let things slip considerably in the last few months as I realised I was going to make a big change to the job I do.

It's a sobering thought that it was almost ten years ago since I was a teenager now. Time seems to slip by so quickly if we don't use it. Seven hours this morning playing a silly game, gone forever. We humans apparently peak around the age of 30. I want to try and make the most of my peak then enjoy the slide down the other side.

I intend to be a towering powerhouse of productivity and creativity in the new year! Every second of my time will be accounted for as I run towards my goals like an olympic athlete! 2006 will be The Year Of The Nickolarse!

In the meantime I'm off to finish this game of Civilisation III. It's not the New Year yet so I'm enjoying decedance while I can.

Mmm. Sholrry carnmt tlork. Munch munch. I'ym eat-shing a ch-sho-colate ash well.



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