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This morning after work I was listening to Michelle Dignan's radio show and she asked why it is that pop groups like Girls Aloud always do really raunchy shows at the G-A-Y club, where all the men are presumably not interested in seeing that kind of thing. I'd thought this before and had been told it was because this was the only place a pop group could guarantee an exclusively adult audience. They can 'raunch it up' without worrying about isolating their primary audience of primary school kids. Makes sense. I stopped short of emailing Michelle my rather boring bit of information as it had only been a throwaway link, she was observing something amusing for the audience.

It reminded me of a little rant that the late Douglas Adams put forward once in one of his books -The Salmon of Doubt - I think. He was talking about the old comedian standard joke: "aeroplanes have something called a black box recorder which can't be destroyed... why not make the whole plane out of a black box?" Ho ho ho. Went the crowd. Poor Mr Adams frowned at their ignorance as he lamented that black boxes are made from titanium which is too heavy to make planes out of. Being ignorant is not funny, he concluded.

I think sometimes people like me and Douglas (or Doug as I like to call him in my weblog sometimes) are missing the point. Life is sometimes more fun if you leave questions unanswered and occasionally even laugh at them. What a great world it would be if the equation ran: 24 + 16 = tee hee hee. Briefly great world anyway. Ultimately I guess it'd be tiresome and wacky. It's a thin line I'll admit. In fact if you're having difficulty following this thread imagine a world where 2+2 was always 'tee hee', it's a glimpse into how life can sometimes feel...

Both me and The Dugster (or Duggie as I occasionally refer to him in my weblog) are atheists. Actually Captain Doogie is dead these days so I guess it's more accurate to say he 'was' an atheist. Or is it? Not sure. Anyway as an atheist you're making a very clear statement; 'There Is No God'. I think it's more accurate to say that I can't see one. The meaning of the word is anti-'theology'. There's no religion to which you subscribe. For years I was agnostic, that means you're not sure. Then I read an interview with The Dougman where he said if you understand the principle of 'the burden of proof' you have a duty to be an open athiest. I agreed.

Anyway, missing the point, I think is sometimes the point. Which is lucky really because I've totally lost the point of what I was writing. We've had 74 people look at this website now. Is that the point? No, no it's not. I'm happy with less than that to be honest.

Do you think they'll keep coming back if I keep missing the point? Perhaps that is/was the point?


Watched Kylie Minogue today, the greatest hits DVD. It made me cry like a girl. I've decided to myself that she's clearly some sort of Goddess who I should perhaps start to worship. She's not a rival to my girlfriend. I won't worship Kylie in a sexual way. I just think I should start sacrificing insects and stuff to her. I'll start off with wasps perhaps?


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