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Good christ, I'm grazing on food like a big fat cow. Getting fatter by the second. Chipping out some fun on this computer, playing Civilisation III and so forth. Have actually done nothing whatsoever all day, just enjoying the company of my family and watching telly. And getting drunk.

Usually when I have a drinkie I get quite chatty and vocal before suddenly becoming very tired. With my parents I restrain myself obviously. It's odd really that you never really see your parents as anything other than that. Just as they only see you as their kid. I often wonder how me and my Mum or Dad would get on if we weren't related. Imagine, meeting your Dad but not having any blood tie to him. Would you be best friends with him? What about your Mum, would you get on?

The thing I often debate with myself is how I would react to meeting Nick Margerrison. Me, meeting me but not knowing it was me. Would we gel or fall out with each other? It's often the case that people who are alike either get on really well or fall out in dramatic fashion. I'd instantly pick up on my flaws. I'd enjoy the fact our eclectic interests matched.

If you could clone yourself, and create an exact copy of you would you do it? The Raelians believe that's the way to achieve eternal life. Your soul moving from your body once dead and possesing the new cloned version*.

I'm reading Rik Mayall's autobiography at the moment, "Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ". It's a cracking read, despite it all being written in character. There's a bit where he describes his 'death' in the quad bike accident. He's there looking at the vastness of his own skull, from the inside. Peering out of the caverns of his eyes. It's an odd interesting part of the book. Got me thinking about an old theory I've bashed around in the past about the idea of the soul being molecular in size**.

I think if all that stuff was true the last thing I'd want is to be free of form floating in the universe as one with existence, only to re-appear in EXACTLY the same body. Ruined! To be the universe and then a mortal is a big switch to make, it's no wonder babies cry.


*In my opinion, like all religions, these guys are wackos but if you're intrigued:

**Check out this 'true incident' as regards souls: CLICK HERE


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