Pure dribbly nonsense

I'm afraid the excitement of the season is now upon me. Seriously silly alcohol related high jinx including a pub quiz with my sister yesterday night. I'm not sure I've ever done well at a pub quiz in my life, ever. Last night was no exception. Who sang 'Grandpa'? Who was the woman in the original 'King Kong' film?* You probably half know the answer to those questions but after a few cheeky drinkies it gets a little confusing.

My sister, the little horror, kept cheating. Texting people to ask them the answers to questions! Yet another thing mobile phones have damaged. I'm not sure they were an altogether good idea you know. It's a massive sizemic change in our society which we're still adjusting to and yet it has gone largely unremarked upon.

These days if you're late to the pub, which one of my mates was, you just pop a text in and let people deal with that as if it makes it okay. Some divwit driving badly infront of you? Why's that? Chances are, they've got a mobile clamped to their head. Then there's all these mobile phone masts they're whacking up everywhere. And 'happy slapping'. & dnt evn gt me strtd on fking txt spk.

Ever had a conversation with someone and their mobile blazes into action? Of course you have. What's the correct protocol there? Do you listen to the conversation? Do you just twiddle your thumbs? Probably you're in the habit of calling or texting someone else. That's what a lot of people seem to do. Perhaps next time this happens I'll call the person sat infront of me, ask them who's on the phone and if it's okay to sit there listening or not?


* Clive dunn and Fay Wray respectively.

My Mum and Sister were, to put in mildly, absolutely horrified at the vivid descriptions of my 'little problem' on this website. It's going to be a New Year's resolution to sort it out. Probably.


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