I now have three Xmas cards. One from Producer Becky, one from Maureen the cleaner and one from Jim the security guard. Sending out Xmas cards, like having a tidy room, is a sign that you're life is together in my book. People who send out Xmas cards are the sort that always have a clean plate in their house and have never tried to eat food using only a knife and spoon. It projects an image of organisation which I'd like to emulate. So, tomorrow I will try and remember to buy loads of Xmas cards and send them out to people.

The next step is presents. Now I've always been of the opinion that surprise presents are rubbish. Why surprise someone when you could actually get them something they wanted?

"Ooh, that's a surprise gift"

isn't quite as good in my book as;

"thankyou for that! It is, as I said in November, exactly what I wanted".

The first statement could mean anything. It might mean, "what the hell did he get me this for?". In fact I often presume that is what it means. How can you ever know the truth once they've got the present? They're socially bound to like it. It's rare for someone to say "what did you get me this for? It's rubbish. You've ruined my Xmas". It's rare, but I bet on the occasions it does happen, few people use the phrase "honesty is the best policy".


Athelete's foot is now looking quite relaxed and a lot more natural. Kind of smooth and comforting to touch. I'm glad it's not dead. I almost didn't use the steroid creme last night out of sheer pity for my little friend.


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