Robsten Heyter is your leader

Yesterday I met up with the bloke who writes the fantastic and had a chat about stuff. He seems like a nice chap, we drank two pints of Guinness in the daytime and frankly I felt a bit tiddly afterwards. I then got that tired feeling you get for the rest of the day. I'd never met him before but we'd been chatting on email after I submitted a short comic strip script I'd written to him.

Today I got an email of the finished strip! It's beautifully drawn and will be published in one of the new issues of Phlegm which will be out next year. It's called "That Bloke Off Big Brother". It's three squares long and represents the fulfilment of Goal #2 for the year 2005! Goal #1 was to do some stand-up comedy, something I did earlier in the year. In fact I kept a diary of my thoughts and feelings in the run-up to Goal #1 and if possible I'll post it up here for my 74 readers later in the month*.

Both Goal #1 and Goal #2 are lifelong ambitions and it's nice to have managed to get them in the bag before I turn 30. The problem is I'm actually running out of ambitions**. I guess my next step is to do them both again, but better. That's how my radio career started off.


* This is a guess. It says 74 people have read my profile. That means since the site started in total 74 different computers have looked at this blog's profile. If we're being a bit more honest I estimate I've got more like 5 readers. Me, you and the CIA.

** Remaining ambitions include: hang out with Missy Elliot, get a songwriting credit on an Oasis album, work on Dr Who somehow. These ambitions are the easier ones so I've left them 'til last.

Good news athlete's foot fans, I appear to have 'lost' the steroid creme which was calming it down so effectively. I say 'lost' but I'm open to the possibility that this may have been intentional. My affliction does provide me with a fun habit which since I gave up smoking I think I deserve.


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