I'm eating too much food, I'm sleeping in too much and I have very little real structure to my life. I'm getting a sort of porridge and jam coloured face. The bags under my eyes are a dark shade of grey. My hair is lank and greasy.

The reason is that I am addicted to the internet. I read a story about it in the paper last week. Internet addiction is ruining the lives of 1000's of Americans. They sit up all night reading dull inane nonsense. Flicking from site to site and back again to see if anything has changed. My current favourite game is scouring wikipedia for information on things which I've always wanted to know about but had no way of doing so. Rap music is a good example. I flicked round entries on Puff Daddy, 2-Pac, Biggie Smalls and the like a few days ago. The game I play involves following all the links on a particular entry until you reach a blank page.

Last time I got this bad I banned myself from any internet use whatsoever. This time I intend to conquer my demons in a more moderate fashion. Perhaps give myself a certain length of time after which I've got to stop using for the rest of the day.

Things will surely only get worse once I've got the internet installed at my house. That thing won't even have a firewall!

Talking of which, here's an email I got off a listener about ways round office firewall's I think. There's no way I'd use it here, I'm not computer confident enough, but feel free to apply it yourself.

Email from Chris in Doncaster:

I don't know if this is exactly what you are wanting... but here goes. I'm sorry I can't call to your show (phones duff at the moment) but in reply to what you've asked on the show tonight. The way you are able to get past your little blocks on or whatever you're trying; it is best for you to use 'proxy servers' these will just host whatever you're wanting to go on. The best thing is if your internet currently blocks downloads, proxy servers can sometimes get past this (old college days proved this) is a good one but I don't think I ever got a download from it. is the best one (in my own opinion) for the reason that it's never done me wrong. All you do is just look down the page and you will see a place it says to type your URL in (web address). Do this, click your preferences that the page lets you change if needed, then hit the enter key and you're sorted.
If this doesn't work or isn't what you wanted, I'm sorry.
Hope it's of some use to you. Have fun


Furthermore here's a link to a great website about the old kids TV programme rainbow:


My athlete's foot really looks like it's cleared up. I'm trying to seize the nettle and finish it off totally with steroid creme but I really have lost it! Only slightly itchy at best. Ruined.


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