(Sunday) Thus spake Rover the Raver

I sat and watched "The Littlest Hobo" on re-run today with my girlfriend. I can honestly say it is one of the most surreal experiences I've had via my television for some time. It was an episode I could just about recall from my youth but this time round there were some serious liberties taken with what at first appeared to be a reasonably plausible story.

The story concerned a little kid who was in a wheel chair. His Dad (who was a snobby millionaire) didn't want him to enter the frisbee competittion in case he was humiliated infront of the other normal kids. So his Dad's servant took the Littlest Hobo off and put him in a cellar. Fortunately the window was open and Hobo escaped and ran back to the little kid. Then the Dad came back and was annoyed until, without explanation, the story jump cuts to the kid rolling down a hill. So the dog runs after him. And a car crashes. And then the dog jumps at the kid and knocks his wheelchair over. And then his Dad runs over hugs them both and lets him enter the compettiton. In that order, with no supporting narrative. Just really trippy music!

The frisbee compettition happens and three kids who we'd not already seen won things, after a quick montage of frisbee throwing. Then the judge announced a special award for matey in his wheel chair who 'can even do things we cannot'. Then he couldn't get up the staris to collect his award so The Littlest got it for him. WTF?

The story ended like this: "I guess that dog is the sort of dog that just doesn't hang round for people" as it ran off into a road. So they go to the petshop and get a new one.

Cue the song, which was the best bit.

No wonder when I was a kid I was afraid of dogs. The 'bad acid' narrative of that programme is enough to put you off them forever.


Athelete's foot update: and what an update. I'm awoken from my slumber by a familliar but ancient feeling. It's back! It's really back!! It itches like nothing else. I scamper into the kitchen and get the cheese grater. This is going to be fun!!! Pain and pleasure are bedfellows dear reader, the only confusion is that after industrial strength itching the thick rubbery patch (where years ago skin used to be) hasn't torn at all. No blood. The steroid creme has made my skin bullet proof. Scratch those earlier thoughts about not going to see the doctor. I've got a problem here.


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