Trotter's War

I don't understand comedy. It just makes no sense to me that some people find some things funny and others do not. I'd love to understand why that is. Today I inflicted the ramblings of the alternative stand-up comedian Stewart Lee on my flatmate who stared blankly but politely at the screen as I giggled away at Stu's hilarious observations. It's a DVD that I've bought called Stewart Lee, Stand-up comedian. It's great. Or at least I thought it was. My flatmate didn't seem to, nor did my other flatmate who came in sat down and looked equally confused by the cause of my mirth.

I have real trouble dealing with things like this. I think if something's funny to me then surely it must be funny to everyone? Therefore the lack of laughs in my flat today suggests either my flatmates are:

A) NOT LAUGHING ON PURPOSE!!! Just to annoy me!! Look at him over there, not laughing! God damn it! Why aren't you laughing? I'm laughing, look, look at me laughing! Why aren't you laughing? Tsk. I'm annoyed now. I'm laughing with anger and a hint of menace. This isn't how it was supposed to be, but if it's how you want to play it that's fine by me. I'll just laugh louder and louder!! Ho ho ho!!! Are you scared yet? Ho ho ho!!


B) NOT LAUGHING BECAUSE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM!!! Yes. Yes, that's good. That'd be why they're not laughing. Now I can sit back in my chair and chortle as I imagine it's just because I've got a better sense of humour and I am more intelligent. That's why they don't find it funny! Of course! Why didn't I think of that before? I imagine it must be because I'm so modest. Yes, that'll be it. Modesty is just one of my many remarkable qualities.

Yes, that's where it leads, blatant comedic facism. So disenfranchised by the lack of laughs I start deciding that it's actually because everyone else is inferior to me. All facists are just misunderstood idealists who got carried away with themselves. Adolf, Osama, Musollini, all of them started off as idealists. I'm not saying I sympathise with them but as I giggled inanely at comedy which my flatmates simply did not find amusing I started to empathise a bit. They too probably once suffered the humiliation of watching a comedy DVD that no one else finds funny.

Against my better judgement, I toyed with the idea that people are different and comedy is subjective. Then I replaced this thought with an ideal world where all of us march side by side singing the praises of; The Mighty Boosh, Stewart Lee and Robin Ince's new stand-up set. A better world I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway, we switched it off and put on The Simpsons. This week Lisa pretended to be ill and ended up getting hooked on a video game. Not really finding it funny I bid my flatmates farewell and pootled off to work.*


Today my athlete's foot is healing up a bit as the steroid creme works its evil magic. I've been here before with this. It'll clear up but in the end it'll be back, and then I can scratch like no man has scratched before!

*It's trendy these days to say that The Simpsons isn't as good as it was. See! I'm just like them in a way. Isn't that a good end to the story? This blog's great isn't it? I've had 16 people read it. Although about half of them are friends of mine who only looked because I emailed them the address. I reckon at least some of them are excited listeners keen to see what their favourite presenter is upto in his spare time. Brilliant.

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