Tundra in the tent

I'm feeling really full up today, I went to the Carvery Club with Matt Mackay, Ginger Dave, Phoneboy, James Piekos and one of Dave's mates whose name I've forgotten. He seemed like a nice chap though. It was great to get a good old group of chaps together and banter about life. I enjoy watching the dynamics of people in a group like that. I've recently been reading loads of books like Manwatching, Introducing NLP and most importantly The Naked Ape. They're all about people and how we interact. The latter is quite specifically all about nailing home the point that you and I are apes, pure and simple. We've got language and so forth but then again so have apes.

Anyway, the practical upshot of all this theory is that humans are readable simple creatures who follow certain rules. Once you've been told about all this stuff it's really hard to switch it off though. I'm no expert on it, just a curious wanderer on the outskirts of knowledge, but what I have learned is constantly re-emphasised to me in social situations. Initially it made occasionas like the one today a bit difficult because I was consciously picking up on stuff which I'd usually be aware of only subconsciously. Now however it means I'm enjoying a chat with my mates even more than before and I feel a lot more relaxed in the company of my fellow human beings.

While I was dreaming these thoughts the lads were thinking of things that start with a "k" sound as in Carvery. The Carvery Club Card, part of a Carvery Collective, in Carvey Country. Much delight was had by all when we slipped a carvery cock into the carvery conversation.


I'm concerned, my athlete's foot really looks like it's clearing up. It's not looked as healthy as it does at the moment for ages. No flaking or anything, just firm solid skin. It itches only slightly, thus rendering over enthusiastic scratching almost totally unrewarding.


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