Twiddly diddly dee

I'm off to the pub in a minute with my Dad. I'm gatecrashing his weekly pint with his mates. I'm sure he won't mind. The place we go is a nice quiet pub. I've never really enjoyed anything else. Nightclubs are awful. Their reign of terror is surely coming to an end now? The only reason I ever went to one when I was younger was because it was the only way of getting a pint and extending the night a bit. Now you can go to a pub after 11pm surely the horrible 'clubbing culture' of our youth will recieve its final death blow?

In fact nothing has given me more satisfaction over the last few years than the inevitable decline of 'BOOM BOOM BOOM' dance music. The problem is that it hasn't really had an obvious successor yet. Rock music just hasn't taken off in the way people thought it would in this decade. I like to think the next 'communal party' thing will be unrelated to music. I'm half thinking it might be live comedy which fills the void. Lets hope so.

Either that or it'll just be nice late night pubs where people all chat to each other and aren't herded around like cattle with a thudding factory beat in the background.

F#ck. The penny just dropped.

I'm old.



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