Yabba dabba don't! (Saturday)

I went to my girlfriend's work's Xmas party today. It was a big corporate thing. I'd agreed to go before I realised it clashed with the Hallam FM party. I'm still not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I like the Hallam FM people but I'm not a very good drunk. In fact I'm a rubbish drunk. This is a problem I'd rather inflict on the people my girlfriend has to work with than those whom I do.

I'm sat there talking to a perfectly nice bloke who is mates with my girlfriend. Internally I'm aware of the fact that I'm talking utter bollocks. Externally I'm telling him what's what and who's who. Arm round his shoulder, "you and me mate, we're the same see? We've got it sorted. These lot, they're on another planet. Radio is just people see. Now I know that I do. In fact why don't I ring XXX he's in the know." Now I'm sat there watching all this from afar, tutting away at myself, Captain Nob'ead with his mobile phone, showing off about the 'famous people' I know. The rant continues into this bloke's ear: "Nah, it's not too late, he's a good mate this guy. He loves it when I call him to say hello. He'll be made up. Where you going?".

Speed dial options on mobile phones are the only thing that makes the call that follows possible. As it happens he seemed happy to chat and I nattered away at him for a good hour. Poor bloke, he's an idol of mine and I'm sure he rues the day he relented and gave me his mobile number. Actually, he's just got a new website. It's fantastic. Want to find out who he is? Click here.

Do you see how I did that? I'm really getting into this website thing. It's very exciting for me.



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