Yukka the Clown's Pocket

Oh dear. I spent a total of 10 hours sat here on a silly game called 'Civilisation III' yesterday. When I say that I don't mean I spent say, five hours in the morning then carried on with my life for say five minutes and then got back to it. Oh no! I wish that were true. What I'm actually talking about here is 10 consecutive hours non-stop. A full day sat infront of this screen pretending to conquer the world. This makes me a bloke, who sits on his own, in a room imagining himself as a millitary dictator crushing his enemies with brutal 'no mercy' disdain. In the olden days this would surely have been recognised as a problem?

Nowadays it's accepted as normal. You're unlikely to make any serious judgements other than perhaps suggesting that I should get a life. I was after all only playing a game. No harm in that. Unless I tell you there's no actual computer game called Civilisation III. It was a game I played without having to switch the computer on at all.

In that case I'd have to use my imagination. Sat there on my own thinking about the day people will call me 'sir' and fantasising about wars. That surely would be a much more impressive mental feat and yet you'd start to judge a bit more then wouldn't you? You'd think I was a bit of a nutter.

What if I told you it was a book of some kind? Hence the lack of a need for a computer? Then you'd be on side again, even more so than before. Oh - he's a 'reader' is he? I see. Yes, well that's okay then. A book controls one's imagination almost entirely. It tells you what to think and therefore is less suspect even than a computer game. We fear imagination and respect those things which reign it in.

The irony is that if I told you I'd been enacting this scene with a considerable group of others in say, a large meeting room in Retford, you'd maybe want to come along and see what all the fuss was about. Some ranting lunatic in a room thinking he's going to conquer the world for the good of England. If I were successful challenging my sanity would become a dangerous pastime. Even though it would now be more important than ever.

At some point here I'd cough the words George Bush for anyone who wasn't following the obvious point I'm trying to make*.


* My Mum who I just read this too has asked "what is the obvious point you're trying to make?". I just told her; "the people who run this world are nutters" and she's suggested that might not be true. Email: Nick@hallamfm.co.uk with your thoughts?


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