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(Friday) Eat some more. Then some more. Keep eating.

(Thursday) the days in tow start to become a symbol of how late my updates are rather than having any real significance

(Weds) Pull of the pool.

(tuesday, Boxing day) Snort that pant dust

(Xmas Day) A stupid eats bear

(Xmas Eve) Pull your mind out of the ground and into the grind.

Three dimensional transforming objects, elf machines.

(Friday) Just say it.

(Thursday) Excitement isn't even the world.

I'm not sure I like the idea of the internet V2.

(Tuesday) The only possible constant rule in this universe is the one that dictates change. It cannot be changed without enforcing itself

So what you're actually saying is taking all those dnrgs made you more intelligent? That's insane. Actually, there's a point.

(sunday) Ah kahnt see witoot mah eeyes

Stick your mind into your ears and pull on that.

"Just for once in your life, let yourself f#cking win. Drop the bullsh#t and f#ck all the excuses man, I'm sick of 'em" - Amon.

I keep getting odd primate moments when I'm struck by the memory that we're all just f#cking monkeys.(Thurs)

(Wed) Scrapman is looking for people.

"With each arrow I try to plant a thought in your mind which will flower later in the day", Merlyn The Gizzard.

(Monday) Lets go over to Ozric's Tent.

(Sunday) Give a little back and wait for the rain.

(Saturday) There lies Crudbeard The 3rd of Woyden. Now he really was a c#nt.

High alerts - 30 conspiracies - Terrorism - Etc. (Friday)

Like the difference on the motorway between a high performance sports car and a donkey.

Cut through the pears and mustard if you like. It's all the same to me.

(Tuesday) Politicians are like p#nis's they make a f#cking mess.

Tri Tech Mental Mapping Devices. So secret you can't even google it.

(Sunday) More and more the moments speed towards their conclusion... beware ye the moon.

Danced by the light of his evil deeds not knowing they were about to swallow him whole.

"Lighthouse beacon straight ahead straight ahead across black seas to bring" Electricity by Captain Beefheart.

I always enjoy doing this right after I've checked my emails.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the answer to the worlds problems lies not with 'me' but 'we'.