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Eat up all my brain food and grow another mind

"Mushtangy Shally bore yoo gatta ride" whispered Thekles The Elf

(Sunday) I don't know anyone who's regretted trying stand-up.

Ingrid Boorman is your Queen, suckle on her toes. (Saturday)

(Friday) Pis@ing tea out of my nose.

Ganga ganga goranga!

"Aves per fail my olsu sce yigr noegxy" sayeth Colin the Cat.

"Kiig my bss jelcy buil eod ynu whore" uttered Throbeth The Miner's Son

Excitement is not really the word.

(Sunday) Most people think these titles are rubbish.

(Saturday) Series 3 of: Curb Your Enthusiasm is Great.

(Friday) Judge not, lest ye be juiced.

You just never see a fat Giraffe.

He who controls the past controls the fruit.

You love it you slug!

The final word of the sentence reveals it is about nothing.

(Sunday) Captain spack attack

(Saturday) Thank you for giving me a place in your mind

(Friday) We see the past through rose tinted spectacles so

watch me go red

I ate a baked potatoe today which was exactly the same size and weight as my own head...

Lost a quarter of a stone, not amazed at that really.

Richard Dawkins's thumbs

511 hits on my profile baby... spread the word (Sunday)

Bloody hell... she's sexy! (Saturday)

Bit my long little fingernail off (Friday)

Proud to be a stinker

Jack Frost

Stop Richard Herring from stopping.

One long fingernail on my little finger

(Sunday) Mother was right about that

(Saturday) These haven't kicked in at all, lets have another.

(Friday) I'll put this somewhere safe so I don't lose it