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I sat on my replacement bus service today gloomily listening to a horrible little brat crying and screaming like some evil goblin off The Lord of The Rings. Its mother had no idea how to keep it quiet. She seemed to think the best time to tell it off and assert herself over it was when it had stopped bawling. This would immediately set the fuc#ing thing off again. Sure enough it wasn't long until another 'little miracle' at the back of the replacement bus service started bawling away as well.

This is something evolution has bred instinctually into kids. If one hears another crying it will join in and thus alert the rest of the tribe to the danger/problem. In this instance the whole coach was alerted to the problem: the little sprog at the front wasn't allowed its doll to play with. Brilliant. Thanks evolution.

I mention this because over the horrible screeching I was trying to read a new book about a type of monkey called a bonobo. It's brilliant. It compares humans and bonobos to each other with shocking results.

However as I read it I can't pretend I wasn't dissapointed with the discovery that I'm clearly not in any way 'The Alpha Male' I thought I was. I've been reading loads of books about body language and this sort of thing. More and more I'm learning that I'm actually what's called; a submissive easily dominated 'gimp'. I didn't realise this was the case, I thought I was The Alpha Male in all of my relationships. This is clearly not the case. Shame.

Still we live and learn.


Ohh, it's looking cheeky. Nice and cheeky. Booking into the Doctors tomorrow. My Girlfriend will remind me.


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