"Aves per fail my olsu sce yigr noegxy" sayeth Colin the Cat.

I haven't been asked to do a review of 2000AD for the fantastic website 2000ADReview.co.uk [link to 2000AD Review] for ages. My last one caused a bit of a stir after I called some of the stories "raw sewage". I admit I was a bit harsh, but never did I think for one minute that it'd cause the storm it did. 1000's of internet comic book fans like myself kicked off bigstyle as small parts of the internet lit up with angry messages about my "rubbish in the extreme" review. I was called all manner of names as the controversey slowly built over a period of days, culminating in some of the people whose work I'd written about stepping forward to defend themselves.

Yes, that's right, some of the writers actually posted on the message boards and stuff responding to my attacks! I'd clearly gone a step too far. When I planned it out in my imagination I never thought that the people who write for The Galaxy's Greatest Comic might actually be human like you and me. I certainly never thought they'd read little reviews by yours truely. Certainly none of them were ment to get upset by my -not so humble- opinions of their work.

In retrospect it was very naive of me to think they'd never read my vicious slaggings of their work.

Dissapointed by the fallout I'd accepted that my savage reviews had ruined the relationship I had with 2000ADreview.co.uk (despite them getting me a bit of work on a magazine called REDEYE that's out later this year). Clearly I was wrong, as this email attests:

Hi Nick,

Would you fancy reviewing this week's issue for the site? I'd need it by Saturday if poss?



Fantastic news! This means I'm reading all my old copies of 2000AD back to back this week as I asses the quality of The Galaxy's Greatest comic.

People often think I'm joking when I say I'm into comic books. I'm not. They're great and for years I've wanted to count "comic book writer" as one of my many jobs. This dream finally comes true in 2006 as comic book genius Danniel Harrison [link to Phlegm Comics.com] has illustrated a short strip I wrote last year called "That Bloke Off Big Brother". When it is published I'll make sure I mention it.



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