Bit my long little fingernail off (Friday)

I bought a return train ticket from Sheffield to Manchester today. Only afterwards was I told of the replacement bus service that would take me from Manchester to Sheffield. Was the train ticket's price reduced? No. Only the standard of service given to me. Now I don't know about you but this to me seems like a bit of a rip off. Similar to going out for a meal and being given beans on toast when you asked for grilled steak. The beans on toast would of course only be beans on toast for the return journey. Erm. Not when it came out the other side, I mean. Erm. You know what I mean.

Well I was really annoyed by this. So do you know what I did? I bet you can guess. That's right, I immediately did nothing. I followed this up with a swift and angry series of nothings. Right after which I went straight round there and did nothing. Now I've decided to sit here and write a very firm email, to no one about nothing.

It's an odd but recurring facet of my character. Get annoyed about something. Do nothing about it. Brilliant.


Oh dear, athlete's foot's looking nasty - girlfriend has put her foot down so to speak and it's time to sort it out via a trip to the doctors! It's dark days for my poor pet.


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