Bloody hell... she's sexy! (Saturday)

I know, today's a good day to take the kids out to the cinema so we can have a nice conversation with them. Rather than telling them to "be nice a quiet while people watch the film, Charles" when they chatter away we can actually respond to their inane comments and encourage them to keep chatting. Brilliant! What fun we will have. That way people like Nick can feel like they're watching a cinema sized DVD player with the "stupid kids" commentary switched on.

As Nick never complains about anything ever he can then decide to move him and his girlfriend to another seat. Where he discovers some other incosiderate parents are doing exactly the same thing. So he'll move again. By which time, because he keeps moving seats and walking round the cinema with his long suffering girlfriend, it'll seem like he's the unreasonable one. All in all it'll be a great day out.


Incidently, March of The Penguins is a good film but go to the later showing to avoid stupid middle class parents chatting to their kids called "Charles".


"Stop it! You disgusting boy, I'll have to stop sleeping with you if you keep waking me up like that!". "But baby, I can't help it". "That's the most disgusting noise in the world to wake up to in the morning Nick. You need to get yourself to a Doctors". "Oh, but it feels so good when I itch it".


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