Excitement is not really the word.

Over the weekend I was in my local pub with my flatmate and we got chatting to one of the barmaids. She'd voted 18 times for 'Shane' to win X Factor. I was aghast! Surely that's cheating?
What's the point of a game if you're going to cheat? I've never understood. It's a bit like cheats for computer games. What's the point? You type your cheat in, you get infinite lives and then you win the game. So what? You cheated. How is that a victory for anyone other than the game designer, who now knows even the hard levels at the end have been enjoyed by at least someone (a hollow victory though even for him, as they were enjoyed by a cheater). All you're really doing is sitting on your own in a room and telling youself you're a winner. Stupid.

She'd wandered off to get some more glasses from another table by this point,- but it still irked me. Think of all the cash wasted there. Furthermore it makes a rubbish TV show look like it's got more viewers than it actually has. 10 million voted? No, 10 million votes were recieved. Probably about half of that voted, at best.What also bugged me was that the people who've voted in this thing will often give you apparently sensible analysis of their decision, as in this instance: "I think Steve will manage to do more than be just a one hit wonder" - "I think there's a good possibility he'll hit the right demographic" - etc etc. Nonsense. They're often just repeating whatever they've heard Simon Cowell or the other two bleating the night before.

I have a friend who would often rant at large groups of people telling them X - Factor was the reason he thought democracy was wrong. I think he was only half joking.

On a happier note, I would like to congratulate Shane and look forward to him going on to enjoy the success of the last X - Factor winner...

That'd be one Steve Brookstien. Yes, I've heard loads of tunes from him recently. Brilliant. Almost as good as all the other huge talents that reality TV has spunked into our faces.

In fact, I bet you've forgotten who this Shane bloke is haven't you? Only I remember because I'm a local radio disc jockey who has to play his song once a day to women who should know better. To you he's just some bloke who was touched by the fickle finger of fame when you weren't looking*.

Probably for the best.


*I'm a fan of culty stuff. It's nice to have little cool things that no-one else knows about. Like this blog.


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