The final word of the sentence reveals it is about nothing.

I've decided to enter into the long hair lottery again. I had some food with a mate today and he's cut his. I'm not saying it looked rubbish, but he did for me but I am saying that I quite like mine longish. Also, with long hair, at night, I can stand in front of a full length mirror and dress up as a hippy. I like to pretend I've got hippy sympathies. I think the 1960's, like Communism, was a good idea which went a bit wrong*. In essence letting Ringo sing a song is a nice idea, even if it does result in Yellow Submarine.

When I say I'm entering into the long hair lottery I'm stealing my mate little phrase. I think it was a factor in his decision to get it cut. Anyone who has long hair knows that each day you have a new hairstyle. It has a mind of its own. One day your hair looks cool the next it looks like it'd be more suited to your scrot#m.

The reason you enter the lottery is because some days you get to look (in your imagination) like a rockstar.** This to me is a good thing because for years I laboured under the delusion that I'd one day be a rockstar. This sort of delusion leads to many embarrasments the worst of which was having someone at school play a tape of me with my acoustic guitar singing earnestly. Little pric#s saying you look a bit like a girl is like water off a duck's foot after that.


Tomorrow, ten to 11. It's judgement day for my little foot, and ear and everything else.

*This is actually a sentiment I've put over before. Comrades. Only to be swiftly and neatly rebuked by the mighty Wayne who wrote:

"Hi Nick just read your blog and a question and an answer.What went wrong with Woodstock?Communism went wrong because it was never run correctly, all it was was a Ultimate Capitalist system, run simply by the Mafia. Unlike our Capitalist system were anyone can join the Party (which through luck, or chosen partner:0) rather than skill,) you have to be invited to join the Party in the Communist system we know of.Cheers Wayne".

Examples of Woodstock going wrong? Exhibit A: The fact it was declared a disaster area. Exhibit B: Woodstock II. No further questions your honour.

**My stand-up set currently has one funny joke. It goes like this. Hi, my name's Nick. I grew my hair long to look like John Lennon, ended up looking like Meatloaf. It has always got a laugh on stage. My set goes downhill from there. The reason it's funny is because John Lennon looks really cool and Meatloaf is a fat tw#t who used to have long hair. Actually John Lennon used to look cool. He doesn't anymore, he's dead. Well I guess he looks sort of cool. If he was singing in a heavy metal band. Erm.


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