He who controls the past controls the fruit.

I've spent most of today just pottering about. This is the life of a local radio disc jockey. The morning was spent trying to make my stand-up set sound good. I'm going to do some more again soon. I also started tidying up my room a bit. Ate something other than porridge for breakfast*. Watched Deal Or No Deal**. Scratched my arse. Etc.

The thing about being a moderately successful local radio presenter is that it leaves you with loads of time on your hands. The "I'm Alan Partridge" TV series sums it up well. Poor Alan 9 times out of 10 he's simply suffering from total boredom.

My problem is that 9 times out of 10 this is something I really enjoy. Just pottering around.

The biggest event of the day came when I was in the middle of some particularly complicated pottering when suddenly I could hear again. Whoo sh~t! Everything's really loud. My olive oil in the ear thing must have worked. How odd. Oh no, I've lost my earing again...

Carry on pottering.

If I yawn I can hear. Yawn or burp.


*Some Bran and dried fruit combo I got from Tesco's. Quite nice. Think I prefer porridge.

**I'm obsessed with this programme. Terry was up today. He's been a feature in the background for a while and he played the game really well netting around £20,000 with 50p in his box.


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