Ingrid Boorman is your Queen, suckle on her toes. (Saturday)

Recovering from the excitement of doing live comedy I was today faced with a whole day where I had absolutely nothing to do. Nothing at all. Me and my girlfriend just bumbled about.

Direction was eventually found when I noticed my special bread* had gone stale.

"Lets feed the ducks with it!"

So we did. We went down to that park off Eccleshall Road, Endcliffe Park I think it's called, and fed the ducks. Once we found them. We'd debated whether or not ducks migrate and if they live in running water before we actually saw them. Loads of them, swimming around and getting fed. Brilliant.

I know it sounds rubbish but seriously I think I've re-discovered a new version of fun which I'd previously forgotten about. Go get some stale bread, go feed the ducks and I bet you enjoy it as well! I'm a cynical old c*%t at the best of times but throwing little bits of bread at ducks got rid of all that. I giggled away like a girl as I watched them eating the food and clearly loving it.

There was one there which was all green all over. It was a bit shy. There was another one which was really good at cathing the bread in it's beak. And another one that kept flying for no reason. At one point this one caused a mass exodus by flying for no reason and scaring all the others. Whoosh- ! In one go, they were all off.

I didn't mind. I'd run out of bread anyway.

Try it, I bet you like it.


*I'm on the Gi diet so I've got wholegrain stone ground bread instead of the normal stuff. It's quite nice but it goes off really quickly.


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