"Mushtangy Shally bore yoo gatta ride" whispered Thekles The Elf

"Well have you thought perhaps that stand-up comedy might not be your thing?"

"But I really enjoy it"

"From the sounds of it no one else does"

"No, that's true. But it'll just take time. In the end they'll start to like it..."

"I think you'd be better off doing one of those serious news programmes, I don't think you're a natural performer."

"Well, anyway, I've got to go now Mum."

I'm out on a limb when even my mother thinks I'm wasting my time. She's supported me in everything I've ever done. I spent most of the day today licking my wounds and picking through the rubbish bits of my set. I've removed about three minutes of stuff. I'm left with about a minute of mildly amusing bits. No real theme to any of it.

The thing is I've got the bug. Just like my mate (who stormed it on his first gig this weekend) I'm hooked on the new sense of excitement you get from standing up infront of a group of total strangers and seeing if you can make them laugh.

In fact it's inspired me to see him do so well. I can hopefully learn from him and we can now work at it together. It's good to have a mate who is also having a go at this lark.

Tonight I intened to write as much material as I can then pan for chunks of sweetcorn in the piles of mind muck that I've spunked.

My contribution to 2000AD Review is up. Click here to read it: 2000ADReview.co.uk


Athlete's foot hasn't been sorted today. However I'd like to thank Wayne who sent me a link to a site telling me about ways of treating it. I'm sticking to the creme I've got for the moment. Another doctor's appointment will be made tomorrow.


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