One long fingernail on my little finger

I've got an enormous ammount of emails. I'm going to try and wade through them all. It's equally divided into emails from people who are saying the new show (with music and stuff) is good and then there are others saying it's rubbish (even though I've only done one show) and then others just about this 'blog. It appears we have readers! Quite a lot. I didn't expect that. I'll pop some of the emails up here but if yours never gets replied to or published here it'll be for one of three reasons:

1, It was a rubbish email. You knew it was rubbish when you sent it. C'mon it's Nicholarse you're writing to here. Don't send me inane nonsense. Well, actually, do send me inane nonsense if it's amusing or worthwhile, just put a bit of effort into it and engage your brain.

2, I didn't get it. Hallam FM's filter is overzealous. It cuts out even the mildest of porn, swearing, etc etc.

3, I haven't read it yet. We do get quite a few. Sometimes I simply haven't got time to read them all. They're one of my favourite parts of the day but sometimes there's just too many. Ruined.

This 'blog is a hobby, for fun and almost entirely divorced from my day job. I like that people read it. I don't want to know how many though. It's a figure that will go down as well as up and I'm not keen on having that bugger up anything that I may write. As I've been away from work for a bit the main surprise today is actually how many readers (going off emails) this 'blog appears to have got in quite a short period of time.

I hope it inspires other people to do one as well. I like the idea of them.

Right, I'm off to read my favourite 'blogs and then prep my show (with music in it!).



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