Proud to be a stinker

I'm trying to do the Gi diet at the moment. Actually, I should clarify that, The Gi Jeans diet by Rosemary Conley. I'm reading her book and sort of trying to follow a diet which sticks to her rules, I think. I'm not even sure if this really is 'The Gi Diet' which I'd heard so much about in the papers. It appears to be a normal diet with the letters "Gi" added as an afterthought.

That said I'm only on day three so it's not really right to start criticising it. And of course I haven't finished reading the book. It would be wrong to criticise the book before it's finished and wrong to criticise Rosemary herself, who currently is coming over as quite smug and self satisfied. I'm a bit bored of reading about how great her website, slimming classes and life is. She also explained how great Tesco is, which is a happy co-incidence as I bought it in Tesco*. How lucky!

There's a patronising tone to the book which I'm sure I'll realise I was mistaken about, once I finish it. Like I say, I've not finished it yet. However, today I made big progress and I've finally got to the bit where it appears that we're going to get down to what I can and can't eat. Unfortunately I had to go to work. So I'm still non the wiser. Ruined.

Give it time Nick. Or should I say: fat boy.

Last time I went on a proper diet it was the atkins. I lost a whopping 3 stone. It was dramatic and hugely rewarding. Changed my life. I've never gone back up to my maximum weight, only ever putting on a stone at the most. However, these days the newspapers and the mass media have decided that in fact the atkins diet doesn't work. What a fool I was**.


My mate Paul writes: "your comment about the restaurant toilet key and the hygiene question. Following that thought through, would you help yourself from the bowls of nuts or mints on a bar or by the till? Just imagine how many people may have put their fingers in them after going to the loo and not washing their hands afterwards!"

*I'm sure this was just a co-incidence. I'd like to make that clear. Also, I hope this string on Sheffield Forum isn't true.

**I might get back on it if I don't lose weight reading this Gi Jeans book though. Even though it doesn't work I quite liked really easily losing loads loads of weight.


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