Richard Dawkins's thumbs

I've eaten loads of food today. That can't be good can it? It was all healthy food and on the Gi diet list and I've not gone over the total calorie intake but I think I've taken the urine* a bit. I can't help myself. I think I'm one of life's wee wee takers**, so to speak.

The reason the ammount of food I've eaten is preying on my mind is because tomorrow is The Big Weigh In! Me and Mr Boy are going to compare our respective sizes and see who has lost the most weight in this, our first week of dieting. It's not the first time we've measured up against each other and after our last encounter I'm quietly confident it will be me who is the bigger of the two. Erm, that in no way is a reference to our respective winky sizes. Did I need to make that clear? I think not. Ruined.


Didn't contact the doctors but should have done. Got told off a bit by my girlfriend. Will do it tomorrow. My foot's a proper war zone at the moment. Like an alcoholic I'm having a moment of clarity within the madness of my scratching addiction.

*I discovered recently that women freeze up if they hear this word. I wonder if it's the same if you read it? Seriously, I was told by a very important radio person that if I use a word like that female listeners will switch off in their thousands or at the very least feel very uneasy. Bonkers eh? You live and learn.

**It's an odd saying, piss taker. Where does it come from? How does one extract urine in a way that benefits you and annoys the others? Does my intional non-usage of the phrase in my above blog double the ammount of yellow liquid that I've managed to take?


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