(Saturday) Series 3 of: Curb Your Enthusiasm is Great.

So we went and watched "A Cock and Bull Story" which is a new film featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. It's been made by the same sort of team that made the sublime 24 Hour Party People film which was a film that never failed to make me feel profoundly happy.

Unfortunately this new one is not on the same level. There were good bits but there were also dull bits. Overall it's not, in my opinion, a great film. It feels half finished and a little bit 'cooler than thou' in places. I wanted to like it. It reminded me a bit of The Hitch Hiker's Guide film in that respect; here's a film that's average but you really wanted it to be good - does this make it better than average? You know the answer is "no" but you really want it to be "yes". Another factor it shared with that film is that on the one hand it's nice to see people off the telly doing a film but on the other you're largely laughing at it and enjoying it because they've entertained you in the past. A bit like meeting a teacher from school who used to be hilarous but now just seems a bit odd.

Let me put the handbreak on there. I'm slagging it too much. If you've seen it and enjoyed it, why not email me and tell me? I'll post a correction.

The reason I'm giving it a break is that unlike other films (say King Kong) it took risks and was a bit odd* in places. I'll immediately make exceptions for a creative person who is taking any sort of risk. It's the reason why I like Blur and got bored of Oasis. Once they'd got "The Great Escape" out of the way Blur were allowed to become unpredictable again unlike plod plod 4/4 yeah yeah Oasis. Urrgh. That whole Britpop era is filled with waves of embarrasing memories for anyone my age. Getting caught up (however briefly) in 'laddish' antics still makes me feel quite rightly like a c#nt.


*Odd in both contexts here isn't a good or bad thing. I don't think. Actually this is a guilt footnote because I called Mr a bit odd. Actually, it's my blog. I can just delete his name can't I? Brilliant.


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