(Sunday) Mother was right about that

So I'm in a nice Cafe, the only one open for miles around as it's New Year's Day. We're getting our last naughty meal before the resolutions kick in and I try to shift my excess weight*. It's a nice Full English Breakfast and I'm enjoying every minute. This Cafe is one of those 'oh so quaint' greasy spoon types which is actually run by people who are doing so with an eye to the 'retro' appeal of such a place. Fair enuff. It's clean and so forth. Food is nice. Girlfriend nips to the toilet. Comes back and announces that - "they give you a key for the toilet, it's locked so people don't go and live in it!". This is a good sign. The toilets are clearly well maintianed. One of my pet hates is rubbish toilets**. I'm off to the toilet.

I ask for the key. I go to the toilet. I unlock the toilet, it's really nice and clean. I have a nice visit. Everything goes well. I forget to wash my hands. I go lock the toilet and go upstairs and hand the key back to the guy who makes the food. As I'm walking back I realise my error and spot how f##king disgusting that system is. It's a good idea ruined by lazy and/or stupid people like myself. Dirty. Yuk.

My fault? Not sure. I'd like to blame them. Surely it's not that big a thing to go check on the toilets every 30 minutes? How does a key help things? I could go in there, soil the atmosphere so to speak, and still lock up afterwards. Silly.


*I've opted to try the Gi diet first, then if it doesn't work I'll use the atkins diet. The latter works for me but it's a bit boring. This Gi thing might be good. Will tell in later updates.

**I used to clean them for a living. It's a horrible job and the fact I no longer do it means I feel in some way that other people should have to. It's hard to explain, but when you do a s#itty job you leave taking a bit of pleasure from the fact that someone else will have to do that in the future.


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