watch me go red

I was driving along in town today, going to that nice Chinese place where they let you stuff your face for a fiver. Not part of the diet but my sister's up today so I thought we'd go out for a meal. Actually, she thought that, not me. But I agreed with her. That bit's not important. In fact only the first sentence of this paragraph is relevant to what I'm going to tell you.

In this one. We're going along and some #ickhead bus driver pulls out infront of me. It really was a bad move from a bus driver who was obviously taking the p#ss. I threw my hands in the air and snarled after slamming on the breaks. Looking up at the bloke with my mask of rage I was greeted with a cheeky chappy who continued to take the piss by grinning wildly and sticking his thumb up at me. I was shocked. He winked at me and carried on his way.

I couldn't believe it. He'd clearly just given me a nice big dose of 'the nonsense' and frankly I had to agree he was right to do so. Why I'd been so annoyed was beyond me and both me and my sister had a little giggle and then carried on our way. By getting annoyed about life I'd been in the wrong. The bus driver's sense of humour had made him the boss of the situation. I wasn't too unhappy about handing him the crown.

I think more people should use this technique a bit. The world would be a better place.


I'm not even going to write this bit. I'm just going to get you to read previous entries and guess what I've done with my athlete's foot.


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