You just never see a fat Giraffe.

There was a picture of Liam Gallagher in last The Sun on Tuesday of last week with the headline "Wonder Whale Liam". It showed Liam walking along the beach in shorts and a stupid hat. Written in big bold capital letters over the middle of his body was the word "FAT". This can only be because it was not apparent from the picture that he's looking a bit overweight.

You'd think perhaps the fact he doesn't look overweight would have made it difficult to write a story about him looking overweight. If so you'd be wrong. I don't know why I despair at such rubbish, it's inevitable that nonsense will be written in a paper like The Sun. I'm the moron for getting annoyed about it. Did I expect high quality journalism in the showbiz section? If so, more fool me.

In life I sometimes feel like a fly banging against a window, a look of sheer surprise on my little insect face that the same set of actions are producing exactly the same outcome. However in this rare instance I've taken action! I've cancelled my order for The Sun at the papershop*. It was a satisfying moment.

The only tabloids I'll be reading now will be the ones left lying around at work during moments of madness and/or severe boredom.

I feel a lot better for it.


*I had an order placed for all of the day's papers mainly for use on the phone-in show. This has been cut and I now am planning to only read The Independent which I bought a copy of today. I'm a bit worried though as Phoneboy recently accused me of only reading that because it makes me look intelligent. I was actually only reading it because it's quite good. Anyway, he hasn't seen Star Wars! Imagine that! Madness. He's just started a blog actually. Apparently as a "mental exercise". Sounds good eh? Link HERE.


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