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"No one understands you? For f#ck's sake kid! Get used to it! No one understands anyone. Ever."

"Hi... erm, I'm Kim Wilde... you might remember me... I'm off the telly... well... I was off it, now I'm on again..."

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go up (sunday)

Underthehills and far far away (saturday)

I'm just getting fatter and fatter (friday)

False start

So I shave my beard off and there's this big wobbly double chin in its place.

"I was only following orders"

Mr Munce is the king pin.

I just trod in some catch it.

the thick of hit

Flip flop don't stop. I stopped. (Friday)

Relax! Thoughts are only a by product of the body's physical processes.

Suck my glove Mr Adams

Pen pushers of the world un-tie.

Duckwad's adventures in space...

Mrs Sexy sends me a cheeky before I go on air...

You're The Baby Machine - do your job!

Yes I shmoke shpit shtrayte from ta row chit

Honourable mention

Mug a dug.

It was only a picture.

Looped intros baby - they're the future!

Look at that enhanced audio press kit..!!!

Badger Badger Burning Bright, Burst Big Bubbles By Being Bite?

The call of pubic service

Jackson Browne "Looking East"