Badger Badger Burning Bright, Burst Big Bubbles By Being Bite?

My girlfriend now has a computer so I'm able to update this at her house if I like. I really should get a computer but I just don't earn enough money to justify it. It annoys me that people assume that I earn large sums of money when I don't. I think I'd prefer it the other way round. That way people think you've made a real effort when you buy them dinner or a nice present or something.

I think the world would be a nicer place if everyone earned the same ammount of money, regardless of what they did. Then I think why would anyone do the sh%tty jobs like cleaning toilets and stuff if they could get paid exactly the same ammount if they did bar work or something. Then I think that actually cleaning and bar work pay about the same, more even, if you're doing bar work. Then I wonder why the he%l people clean toilets at all?

Then I remember that I used to do that at Morrison's superstore. Clean the f%cking toilets. That really was a s%it job. When you do something like that you get a mean glimpse at the dark underbelly of humanity. Couple of examples of this would include going for a number two and missing! How the hell do you do that? Actually c%ap on top of the loo seat? What's going on there?* If you see a toliet that's blocked what you gonna do? Use the other one right? Not everyone does. Some people carry on regardless.

As a young lad, cleaning toilets was not a healthy experience for my psyche. "Ooh, women's toilets, where real ladies bottoms have been" passed through my mind more than once.

But it has given me as unique look at the world. Just remember, no matter how great and good someone is, they go and use the toilet. And the person who cleans it gets paid less than them.

I'm watching SuperNanny at the moment, she's oddly attractive. I would usually have written about that but this is, as I said earlier, my girlfriend's computer.


*Thanks to Phoneboy for a partial answer to this question. Apparently some people balance above the toilet and could perhaps cr%p on the rim of the toilet. I say partial answer in that I've seen that and also seen the lid, closed and crapp%d upon! Some people are awe inspiringly disgusting.


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