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My sleep patterns are totally f#cked at the moment. I really need to get a grip. I was chatting to my mate Matt Mackay today about how easy it is to let the whole thing slip when you do a job like ours. Few extra hours here couple of missed hours there and boom you're awake at half seven in the morning drawing a rubbish cartoon strip for fun. Oh dear.

I got an email about my last entry concerning sleeping techniques which it's worth including here:

hiya, the reason it's sheep is because they follow each other. It wouldn't work with monkeys for example, because they could swing off at any angle, but it would with lemmings, or equaly as well with kylie minogue fans when theyv'e just seen her on the other end of the road. magic!!

regards, rachel x x x


Makes sense - sheep follow each other so they're easier to count. I bet there's a bigger story behind why we count sheep than that though. Shepherds falling asleep on the job or something? If you know send me an email:


Athlete's foot is looking tough and cheeky after I resumed steroid treatment. I'm going to go to the Doctor's again. Soon. Probably. Really smells at the moment.

Secret log.


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