Flip flop don't stop. I stopped. (Friday)

I saw a book recently for Live 8. On the cover it proudly stated that £5 of the price of this book went straight to Live 8. Ok. Fine. I thought that gig wasn't about raising money. It's about awareness. So where was that money going? What exactly were they raising awareness about? Big companys? Bob Geldof? Pop music?

It still annoys me that I watched Live 8. This is the power of Pink Floyd. It'd be nice to get them back on tour again. I've heard conflicting reports. The only way I can rationalise Live 8 is by thinking that it did at least raise awareness of Pink Floyd. Not all doom and gloom.


Athlete's foot is looking a lot better. Bit odd how effective that steroid creme can be. For a bit then it buggers up.


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