"Hi... erm, I'm Kim Wilde... you might remember me... I'm off the telly... well... I was off it, now I'm on again..."

At what point do you interrupt the conversation of two total strangers? How ludicrous do you let things get before the sword of logic has to be introduced into their nonsense?

I cite the following TRUE example of an overheard conversation which was being had between two very sincere 40ish blokes in the changing rooms in my gym:

"Well I mean it's political correctness gone mad isn't it?"

"It's after that 9/11 thing mate, they've brought it in because of all that."

"Yeh - but how is dancing a sport?"

"I know mate, I know, it's CRAZY!"

This dribble continued for about 15 minutes as I stood impotently by wondering how that has anything to do with political correctness and 9/11? What's the protocol in these situations? Are you allowed to chip in? "Ah - yes, excuse me mate, you appear to be talking bollo#ks. Now I'm not looking for trouble I'm just trying to point that out for your own sake". No. That's not going to work.

Apart from extreme circumstances you just let people talk b#llocks and then, if you're like me, you whinge about it to your mates.

Website of the day: South Park Cartoon


Athlete's foot is just bubbling away on my foot. One minute it looks bad, next not as bad. It's perhaps on the mend. I'm not sure.


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