Honourable mention

Oh dear.

Forwarded emails are often rubbish and sometimes genius, this one was enormously time consuming...

Email off: Girlfriend
Subject: FW: Very addictive!

Have a look at this if you get a moment...



So I did. And I got addicted. I've spent all f#cking day on the daft thing.

It's a picture of a fridge with loads of magnets on it. There's about 20 other people all looking at the same fridge. All dragging the letters around. It's a fascinating little glimpse into human nature.


My game on it is to try and drag the letters into an alphabet. Sometimes people help you and mostly people bugger it up. But when people help you... it's a beautiful moment.

I've therefore spent the whole day, trying to write an alphabet on the above website.

It's bug#ered up my head.

Matt Mackay is going to interview Noel Gallagher tomorrow. I'm going with him. I'll print an account of it up here on Sunday.



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