I just trod in some catch it.

Signs you need to get a life -

1, It's 4 in the fu#king morning and you're sat writing out a list of "signs you need to get a life"

2, You've sat waiting for your favourite blog to update for half an hour.

3, You've wasted about 3 hours scanning the internet with no real purpose in mind.

4, You can have conversations on the phone with people that go along the lines of... "yeah I've got one thing to do this week, on Thursday".

5, You get excited about the idea of having a chat with your flatmate when he comes in from work.

6, You like watching the hit counter on your website and seeing it go up every now and then.

7, You're happy to listen to genuinely sh#t comedy files you find on the internet because it took ages to find it.

8, You take ages to write emails to people because you've not got much else to do.

9, You spend ages on Wikipedia looking at different things which aren't particulalry exciting but sort of interest you a bit.

10, You're often thinking "ohh, I should go on a diet, after I've eaten some of these chocolate bars... sod it I'll go on a diet tomorrow".

Any more please feel free to forward them on to the usual address.



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