"I was only following orders"

I'm getting interested in something called the 8-circuit model of consciousness. It's really fascinating stuff. The idea is that our mind is built around eight different gears. It's all really interesting stuff. Go on wikipedia's definition for a proper explanation.

How true it all is I'm not sure. You have to be careful reading things like that when, like me, you know f#ck all about it. That said, it sort of makes sense. Our minds work on many different levels. I've enjoyed learning, as I grow older, how to better use what I have.

Something else I've been reading about recently is "epiphonesis", I think. It's a concept in a book that I stumbled over. This idea is that our thoughts are something which come about as a consequence of our physical surroundings rather than the other way round.

You don't first think, I want a drink then go get a drink. You first think "I am thirsty" because of a physical process going on inside your body. The idea of "epiphonesis" is that all thoughts come through a simmilar process.

You're angry because the organism you inhabit is reacting to the situation you're in with all the appropriate angry responses, including angry thoughts. You're happy for the same reason.

The illusion of consciousness is an irrelevant by-product of your existence.

The idea that "they're all robots out to trick you" is only absurd because you yourself are actually a robot as well.

You don't actually exist.


So what do I do now? It's fine, but the skin is thick over the top of it. It still itches and will, I'm sure, continue to do so. The steroid creme I'm using always does this. It makes it look okay, then as soon as I stop using it - boom we're back to square one! Well, this time I'm going to keep using the creme AND go to the Doctor's. I'm better but will get ill again if you don't do something!


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