I'm just getting fatter and fatter (friday)

It was Katie the newsreader's leaving do today. I am now the second longest serving on-air person at Hallam FM. I had a moment where I looked round all the people who were there to celebrate her new job with her. In that minute I realised only John was here when I arrived all fresh faced and excited about my overnight show.

Hallam FM, like me, has changed and evolved over the years. In some ways for the good and in some ways not. 'Life is in a constant state of flux whether we like it or not. Something is either improving or deteriorating it never stays the same'. I'm paraphrasing a life coach bloke here called Tony Robbins. I think he's right. An infinite universe cannot allow constants. If indeed the universe is infinate. Which is-

Someone's split drink all over my girlfriend! Bloody hell. I hate town. Loads of people milling about like cattle. Right, I'd best go over and do the boyfriend thing. Do I get annoyed at the bloke? Certainly don't smile at him and say, 'oh that's okay mate' - as my instinct wants to. Just look blankly at him as he apologises to me. Saying things like "Bloody hell - what's happened 'ere then?" as he apologises. He's offering to buy another drink. Girlfriend doesn't want one. Problem is dissolving. She's said "that's okay" to him. Off to the toilet she goes.

Right where was I? Infinate universe. Yep. Is it though? It might not be. Erm. If it is it needs no 'God the creator'. If it isn't, it still doesn't. No. Erm. Reality bites.



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