Look at that enhanced audio press kit..!!!

Watched a film called Aviator last night. It featured Leonardo Di Caprio and was utter c#ap. I honestly don't think I've seen as pointless a film since the days of King Ralph. Actually, no it was worse than King Ralph. That's how bad it was.

It's about Howard Hughes, he was some rich reclusive bloke. I get the impression it presumed a lot of knowledge that I didn't have. I've never heard of Howard Hughes before and frankly I'm not interested. If you're making a film about him, draw me in and show me something about it.

Don't just confuse me.

Life confuses me.

I don't need films doing that as well. At least not without a does of wit.

It was odder than the Monkees' film "Head" but odd in a dull way. "Head" is odd in a good way. Go get "Head" watch that.


PS - Blogger seems to be playing up a bit. It's erasing things for no reason!


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